6/1 The Arvydas Asylum

June 1, 2017

The Good Brothers go short for once, covering stats and recent Table for 3 episodes (2:55) and debut a brand new "Have You Seen This Face (Or Heel)" segment (10:05).  They go back in time to 2014 for the first ever Wee-L-C match (15:10) starring a young Maharaja.  Xtreme Rules/Raw is previewed (24:05) with a Mrs Flapper scale, along with Smackdown (39:10) and NXT (51:55).  BONUS podcast will drop this weekend.


5/25 Maharaja Mania

May 25, 2017

The Good Brothers celebrate the new WWE champ and go over last week's stats to start the show (0:35).  They also give their reviews of the Finn Balor 24 doc (9:40), NXT Takeover (20:05), Backlash/Smackdown (39:10), and Raw (58:25).  TWIR (76:15) closes it out and poor Nigel gets censored.


5/18 Stop Snitchin Mate

May 18, 2017

PeteChinMusic and The123 Fridge welcome back Stat Guy Steve to go over stats (2:15) and the '04 Backlash match between Cactus Jack and Randy Orton (10:20).  One of us saw Raw (20:45) and we preview Backlash (32:35), and take a quick break to cover more heartbreak for the Sample Bears (47:40).  A large dose of NXT closes us out with a recap/Takeover preview (50:50) and FINALLY the power rankings are here (70:00).  TWIR closes it out (79:05)...stay safe out there.


5/11 Guardians of the Gallagher

May 11, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge welcome their first guest (4:20) to discuss Dave & Guardians of the Galaxy (9:10).  The Good Brothers Recap the weekly shows: Raw (19:15), Bring it to the Table (34:15), Smackdown (38:40), and NXT (47:55).  Water Under the Fridge goes into the heinous acts of The Undertaker (66:40), and we close it out with This Week In Rotunda (74:15) and a doubleheader Sample Bears update (79:35).


5/4 Mae The Young Be With You

May 4, 2017

PeteChinMusic, 123Fridge and Nigel are back to celebrate Mae the 4th (0:45), take some listener questions (7:30) and Fridge heels off (15:20) on Alcutty Wolf (among others) regarding stats.  Also, Payback (19:30), Raw (34:35), Smackdown (48:00) and NXT recaps (56:00).  3 Ain't Enough returns (60:40), This Week In Rotunda goes to Missouri (68:40) and we get our first update on the Sample Bears (75:15).


4/26 Hold Mae’s Hand

April 27, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge introduce stats from the new stat guy Alcutty Wolf (1:00), and go over Raw (4:30) and Smackdown (23:30).  From the twitter poll, we recap Shield vs Evolution from 2014 Payback (37:50) and give predictions for the 2017 Payback (47:40).  This week's Water Under The Fridge discusses May Young and her baby hand (59:00), a quick NXT recap with Nigel (65:30) and This Week In Rotunda (76:10).


4/20 The Much Anticipated Debut of Water Under the Fridge

April 21, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge (and FauxNigel) recap Raw (1:10), Smackdown (29:20), and NXT (45:05).  Water Under The Fridge (57:20) makes its glorious debut.  We answer the question of the week from loyal listener Matt (65:45), talk some NEW (68:35) and close it out as always with TWIR (70:50).


4/13 It’s a Shakeup! And Pete’s Favorite Segment of 2017.

April 13, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge go through all the superstar shakeups from Raw (1:50) and Smackdown (29:10), including PeteChinMusic's segment of the year.  Special guest NFL coach pops in at 37:10.  The Brothers go over NXT (49:25), new segment Vince's Wet Dreams (59:05), return of Stock Mark (63:00) and as usual TWIR (73:35).


4/6 Good Brothers Mania Week Recap

April 6, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123Fridge quickly touch upon Total Divas (0:55), recap all 13 Mania matches rating them on a 5 point Chowder scale (2:45), discuss NXT and the HOF (31:00), and cover big episodes of Raw (38:30) and Smackdown (54:25).  New segment: Stock Mark (64:55) and as always, This Week in Rotunda (70:30).


3/29 Good Brothers Wrestlemania Preview

March 29, 2017

PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge get you up to speed on all 13 Wrestlemania 33 matches (2:35), do another 3 Ain't Enough I Need 5 segment (50:20), go back 20 years to discuss Hart-Austin at Mania 13 (59:15), touch upon NXT Takeover/WWE HOF (66:20) and close it out with the usual This Week in Rotunda (73:00).